VotzApp, a special event app for the India Parliament election 2014.
Designed to be extremely simple to use and single purpose.

1. On election day, while at your polling station, take a 'selfie' or 'a group picture of you and your friends and family'.
2. Using the GPS on your phone, we will identify user's polling location, fetch a list of candidate photos and composite them on top of yours.
3. You can then share this artwork of yours on the canvas of democracy, to your Facebook, Twitter of Google+ circles.

Others in your circle will rub-off of your enthusiasm and show up and vote, and share their experience to their circles thus spreading the word even further. It need not even be the voting day to celebrate. Post campaign photos, voting preparations or promotion material. VotzApp also lets you search for photos posted by others in any of the 547 constituencies going to the polls from the 7th of April 2014.